Topics: FAQ

Why does the app load so slow?

How do I get the app working on the cart page?

How to whitelist our email

Why doesn’t the price change with different variants?

Why doesn’t the main product image change with the selected variant?

What is the difference between virtual options and shopify options?

Why doesn’t the discount code box appear in the checkout?

Why do my options appear twice?

How to download file uploads as the original file type (jpg, png)

Options don’t appear on first load, only after refreshed (Turbo theme)

Why are price add-ons or other data missing from customer orders?

How to Show the Main Image instead of the Variant’s Image

Why are my products displaying the wrong currency?

Compatible Currency Converter Apps

How to change the products main price with price add-ons

The app’s options don’t load on any page (no jQuery)

Why doesn’t the upload file appear in my orders?

How do I translate the language displayed by the app?

How do I install the app manually?

Why aren’t the custom option settings showing up when I preview a theme?

How to disable/ hide your live site while you are setting it up

How to delete our apps product option settings

Shopify Order Printer App Compatibility

How do I add virtual option data to my packing slip?

How to Update Permissions

Manually add the Pinterest tag to Shopify

Why are the virtual options are not working with my dynamic checkout button (paypal, google pay, apple pay) ?

Why are my virtual options not appearing in the cart? (Ajax Cart)

Why are my virtual options not appearing in the cart? part 2

How do I export the apps virtual options

How to have the virtual options above the shopify options

How to enable third-party cookies in your browser

How do I get an out of stock notification app to work with BCPO

What is the file upload limit?

How to set up options for prescription glasses

Why aren’t my Shopify Options getting duplicated by the duplication tool?

Why are the custom options not showing up?

I uninstalled your app but the code isn’t removed.

Why is my Facebook Pixel add to cart event not working?

Adding Virtual Option Data to Invoices, Packing Slips and other Notifications

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