Why doesn’t the upload file appear in my orders?

The file upload might not show up in your orders for a few reasons.

First, make sure you aren’t using shopify’s dynamic checkout buttons which don’t support our virtual options (or options for any other product options app). Click here for more info

Second, test to see if the file upload gets added to your cart and checkout page.

If everything is working properly it will show up as a clickable link in the checkout page.

If it doesn’t show up, or is just text without a link to the file, your theme deletes the information before it gets to the cart.

To fix this turn on Override AJAX Cart (drawer style).

  • Go to the Best Custom Product Options App
  • Go to the Settings Page
  • Override AJAX Cart (drawer style)
  • Click On

Test again and see if the file gets saved in the checkout page.

To get this file in the new order email that gets sent to you. Please follow the steps on this article.
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