How do I get the product options showing on the cart page?

Our app’s virtual options and selections will automatically show on the cart for most themes. If they don’t you can add code to make the product options and selections show properly.

Most themes come with some code like this, which will display any product options the user selected in our app. Here are instructions on adding the code if our options don’t show in the cart.

Look for your cart template (usually called cart.liquid) and try and find similar code.

If there isn’t much in cart.liquid, you’ll need to figure out what other templates are used for your cart page.

Try these:

  • Sections/cart-template.liquid
  • cart-static.liquid
  • Snippets/cart-template.liquid

Inside this template, try and find some code that starts and ends with:

{% for p in %}
{% endfor %}

Next replace the code with the following:

{% for p in %}
{% unless p.last == blank %}
<div class="bcpo-property" style="font-size: 14px;">{{ p.first }}:
{% if p.last contains '/uploads/' %}
<a href="{{ p.last }}"><img style="max-width: 20px; max-height: 20px;" src="{{ p.last }}" /></a>
{% else %}
{{ p.last }}
{% endif %}</div>
{% endunless %}
{% endfor %}
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