Shipping doesn’t work or the shipping rates are wrong with price add-ons

Our app uses draft orders to collect price add-ons.

The issue is that Shopify defaults to the General Shipping Rate with draft orders. Unfortunately, this is an issue with Shopify and there is no way to change this on our end.

If you don’t have the  General shipping rates set up customers aren’t able to checkout and they will see an error like the screenshot below.

To fix this follow the directions below:

Click on Settings in the bottom left of the Shopify Dashboard
Select Shipping and Delivery
Under the General Shipping Rates click Manage
Add a General Shipping Rate

If you are noticing that the Shipping Rates are different when you have price add-ons it is because Shopify is defaulting to the General Shipping Rates with draft orders.

Any product using our price add-ons will revert to the General Shipping Rates for shipping.

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