How do I export the apps virtual options

Our virtual options data is stored in product metafields. You can use an app to export it.

Here are three apps that let you export this data:

Report Toaster
Hassle FREE custom REPORTS and Analytics. Export and Download.
5.0⭐ (38 reviews)

Xporter Data Export Tool
Highly customizable, automated reports and data file exports
5.0⭐ (274 reviews)
From $7/month. 7 day free trial.

Data Export Reports
Create custom reports from any store data. Automated Export.
5.0⭐ (1151 reviews)
From $10/month. 15 day free trial.

The options data can be found in product metafields with these attributes:

  • namespace: bcpo
  • key: bcpo_data

How to use the Apps

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Report Toaster

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  1. Open up Report Toaster
  2. Go to Orders -> Line Items.
  3. On the right, change the date range (as applicable).
  4. On the right, click the Add Columns button, and add the column for Line Item Properties (this is crucial for the export).
  5. On the right, go to Download, hit Save to My Reports, and give the Custom Report a name (this lets you come back to it later at any time, so you can skip steps 3-4)
  6. On the right, go to Download, download the report as JSON.
  7. Go to to, Step 1, click Choose File. Under Step 3, convert JSON to CSV, and then hit the Download Result button.
  8. Open your downloaded excel file and then you’re done.

Data Export

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For Data Export select the Order Line Item Properties Values and Titles. If you need more help with this contact their customer service.


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In Xporter, simply select the Name and Value fields under Line Items -> Properties.  This will extract all line item properties, and is appropriate for most customers.

Xporter also supports Shopify’s Liquid templating language for any more customized report requirements.  For example, {{ | pluck: ‘name’, ‘bcpo_data’, ‘value’ }} will extract only line item properties created by Best Custom Product Options.

Contact their support team and mention Relentless Apps for an extended 30 day trial and 1 hour of free professional report setup assistance.

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