Add a preloader for slower connections

Our app takes a fraction of a second to load on most themes. Some customers on very low connections can take advantage of their connection speed and click the checkout button before our app loads deleting the price add-on data.

To prevent this issue you can use a preloader on the cart page to ensure our app loads before the customer is able to click the checkout button.

The app below is able to add this functionality.

Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups
Loading screen & Transitions, Lazy Load – Optimize Page Speed!
4.8 ⭐ (108 reviews)
Free plan available


Click the app link above and install the app on your store.

In the app’s dashboard click on Preloader.

On the Preloader page you can set what preload animation you want to show while the page loads.

The Spinning Eclipse is a good animation to use.

Next go to the Settings page

On the Settings page select Cart so the preloader only shows on the cart page.

Next click Update Page Settings to save the settings.


We only suggest using the preloader on the cart page. Adding it to other pages will slow down your website and also it isn’t needed to fix the issue in our app.
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