How to add virtual options to a product

Difference between Shopify Options and Virtual Options

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We have two types of options:

1. Shopify options use Shopify’s variant system which you use in Shopify’s backend (normal products)

  • They limit each product to a max of 3 options and 100 variants.
  • Images associated with variants (so they change when a variant is selected).
  • And inventory control.

2. Virtual Options let you get past the option/variant limits of Shopify options,

  • Support custom pricing.
  • Images aren’t associated with variants (they don’t change when the variant is selected)
  • No inventory control.

Virtual Options will appear right below the Shopify Options

Adding Virtual Options

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Click on Add Virtual Option to add an option.

For Name enter the title you want to give the option. For example size, or color.

Next choose the type of product option you want.

Under values, enter all the variants you want for the product option with a comma in between each variant.

For example “blue, red, white, grey”

Setting up Required Options

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If you check the box marked required the customer has to select one of these options to add the product to the cart.

Setting up Conditional Logic

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If you check the box for conditional it will only show this option if a defined value is selected.

In this example, the product option I just created will only appear when “Size Small” is selected.

Setting up the preselected variant

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You can also define which option you want to be preselected (selected when the product loads).

  • To do this check the box for Preselect this value
  • Then choose which value you want preselected.
  • You may need to press ok then click edit again to see these options come up.


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If you click the box for Multiselect it will allow the customer to choose multiple variants.

You can choose between allowing you users

  • no restriction
  • must choose at least
  • must choose at most
  • must choose exactly
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