How to add conditional logic to a product option

Conditional Logic is only available on our Advanced Plan. If you don’t see these options you will need to upgrade your plan.

You can add conditional logic only to our Virtual Options. Unfortunately, you can’t make Shopify Options appear with conditional logic because Shopify Options are always required and can’t be hidden.

You can, however, use a Shopify Option variant to trigger a Virtual Option product option to show with conditional logic.

How to add Conditional Logic

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To add conditional logic make or edit a Virtual Option.

Click the edit Icon  to edit the virtual option.

Check the box for conditional checkbox and select which variant you want to trigger the virtual option to show.

In this example, the product option I just created will only show when Size, Small is selected.

You can only select one value for the conditional logic product option. Each new virtual option needs to have a unique title.
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