How to add product options to a product

Selecting a product

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In the navigation click on All Products.

Click on the product you want to add product options to.

Use our search feature to search for the titlevendor, or collection of the product.

In the first section it will show you the product options you set up in Shopify’s backend, we call these Shopify Options.

  • They limit each product to a max of 3 options and 100 variants.
  • Allow for custom pricing for all variants.
  • Images associated with variants (so they change when a variant is selected).
  • And inventory control.

In this example I have size and color options saved in Shopify.

Adding options

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 Click on the edit icon to the right of the options to edit the product options.

Types of options

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  • Dropdown – regular dropdown
  • Enhance Dropdown – grays out unavailable and sold out products
  • Buttons
  • Color Swatches
  • Image Swatches
  • Auto Image Swatches – uses your variant images saved in Shopifys backend
For more information about how to set up your variants to change the main image check out this article.

Click Ok

Saving Options

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Make sure you save your options by clicking save in the bottom right.

In the App you will see what the options will look like.

Click on the button Save and View in my Store to see it live in your store.

All options saved in Shopify’s backend are required. Shopify limits the amount of variants to 100. To get more than 100 variants you can use our virtual options.

You can customize the look of your options in the settings page.
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