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TL;DR – I’m building a search engine optimization tool (SEO)… It’s almost ready for you to use.

Today I want to show you what I’ve been up to this month. I’ve been learning a lot about SEO by reading lots of articles and applying the ideas to this site. I’ve been using a variety of SEO tools to track keywords, track backlinks, enrich my internal link structure, improve site speed, eliminate render-blocking resources, and improve my ranking and domain authority through a variety of natural and helpful ways.

That last part is very important. For too long, Google has let people resort to nefarious means of improving their sites’ ranking. Now they are updating their search algorithms 500-600 times a year! Here’s a great resource for tracking Google updates.

Our app will combine four tools that will get your site working fast, ranked high in Google, and booming with traffic. It will be an SEO Tracker Tool extravaganza! The first tool gives you a site health checkup.

Site Health Checkup

Check your robots.txt, sitemap and site speed. This tool will eliminate any blocks that are preventing Google from finding and indexing your site. Things like request chains unnecessary fonts and scripts.

SEO Tracker Tool

Don’t let inaccurate sitemaps bring down your site’s ranking. Use an SEO Tracker Tool to scan for problems like this!


Make sure Google gets the best idea of what your site is about. Include your keywords in the title tags, H1 tags, description meta tags, alt attributes and throughout your content. It’s not easy to remember all that. Our tool makes it easy!

Once your site is easily indexable, it’s time to find and target some keywords.

Keyword Tracking Tool

To find your keywords, our SEO tool will scan up to 500 pages of your site and condense them into the most useful keywords and key phrases possible. Then you can enter in some of your competitors sites and we’ll scan those too. We’ll take each keyword and check the monthly search volume it attracts. Get ranked first for any given keyword and a good majority of that traffic is yours! Here are some keywords we researched:

SEO Tracker Tool

Get keywords from your competitors, from your blog posts, from autocomplete text fields and from SEO tools!

And here are some we researched for this article:

SEO Tracker Tool

Here are some keywords I considered for this article.


Get Backlinks with Our Link Building Tool

Boost your site more by getting backlinks from highly reputable sites. This is the hardest task of all and requires you provide a certain type of content to a certain type of potential linking site.

Track Your Results

It doesn’t matter what you do to boost your site’s SEO if you don’t keep track of it! Google Search Console will do this for you, but our app will too. Keep all your info together so you can focus on other areas of your business.

SEO Tracker Tool

The results of my keyword targeting have been spectacular! I can’t wait to use our SEO Tracker Tool to organize everything and track the results over time.

Our keyword tracking success has helped produce our best month ever with 150 new customers! Is SEO the only reason for this surge in customers? No, we made some other changes to our business recently. We added a new knowledge base to the site and tweaked our app listings on Shopify’s site, but SEO is definitely helping!

SEO Tracker Tool

Our keyword tracking success has translated to our best month ever with 150 new customers! That’s an over 20% increase!

For more inspiration, check out the landing page I just made for our size chart app. Yaaaaaaaaaas

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