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Why you need size charts / size guides

Did you know the majority of returns for eCommerce apparel and sized items are due to the customer not being satisfied with the fit or sizing?

High return rates resulting in lost revenue can be traced directly to sizing issues. Uncertainty about the fit or size of a product is why many would-be online customers opt to drive to the store for an item before purchasing.

That’s where Best Fit Size Charts comes in.

We developed Best Fit Size Charts so you can create beautiful easy to use size charts & size guides for all your products.

This gives your customers the confidence you need to make a sale and reduces your lost revenue on returns.

Do you want an easy solution to handle all your size charts & size guides?

Do you have multiple products that need a different size chart / size guide for each?

Do you just need a better way to display your size charts & size guides?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Best Fit – Size Charts is your best solution.

Easily create size charts & size guides

  • Add custom titles, descriptions, and images.
  • Create custom size charts / size guides.
  • Select which products or product collections you want them to appear in.
  • A link to your size chart / size guide will be displayed in the correct product.

Easy to Customize

We make it easy to add all the information you need on your size charts / size guides

No Coding Required.

Once you run our app the code gets automatically installed into your theme.No need to input the code or contact customer service. It’s already done.

Unlimited Sizing Charts / Size Guides

Instead of displaying every size chart & size guides and annoying your customer, our app displays only the size chart / size guide for the product they are looking at.

Choose what products or collections of products you want the size chart / size guide to show up in.

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