Incompatible Apps & Themes

General incompatible apps

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Sticky Carts – will override required virtual options
Price tier/ Quantity discount – If you are using our price add-ons price tier apps aren’t compatible with ours
Upsell/ cross-sell – These apps will usually delete our apps data
Bundle apps – These apps will usually delete our apps data

Incompatible Apps

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Quote App – no virtual option data
Rocket Upsell – no virtual option data
PickyStory – Shop the Look
Auto Currency Switcher – prices don’t work
Cart Saver by Activated Apps LLC – checkout conflict
Trust varinode – causes intermittent problems on add to cart click event
Cart Saver – replaces the checkout button
Store Pickup – Easy Click and Collect -fields on cart page aren’t compatible with price addons
Cart Convert – Product Upsell & Cross-sell -prevents price add-ons on the product page
Bold Apps’ Product Upsell
SpurIT Recurring Orders and Subscriptions – complex option types don’t get added to the cart.
Shipping Rate Calendar – checkout event error
Vitals – accelerated checkout deletes data

Themes that need changes to work

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Debutifyyou need to add code
Envyyou need to change code
Expressworks if you change theme settings
Focalworks if you change theme settingsadd code for price add-ons to work with iPhone
Streamlineworks if you change theme settings
Symmetryworks if you change theme settings
Turboworks if you change the theme settings
Sparkworks if you change the theme settings

The themes below need our 2.0 Compatibility Setting turned on to work properly. Click the article below for more information.

Theme 2.0 Compatible Setting

  • Dawn
  • Drop
  • Editions
  • Envy
  • Expression
  • Focal
  • Fresh
  • Galeria
  • Icon
  • Pipeline
  • Testament
  • Sense
  • Shoptimized
  • Studio
  • Symmetry
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