How to get the Focal theme working with our app

The Focal theme has a lot of features that will allow customers to add products to the cart without selecting our required options. You will need to turn off the quick add-to-cart buttons and the sticky cart in order for our app to work properly.

How to remove the sticky add-to-cart button

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In your Shopify Dashboard click on Sales channels > Online Store > Themes

Click on the “Customize” button for the Focal Theme.

In the top middle of the page click the dropdown and select the “Products” template

Select Default Product

Click on Product Page in the navigation on the left side of the page.

Uncheck the Show sticky add to cart checkbox and click save.

How to remove the quick add-to-cart buttons

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In the Focal Theme Customizer click on Theme Settings in the bottom left

Under Products Grid make sure the Enable quick add to cart checkbox is deselected

How to remove the “you may also like” section in the ajax cart

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In the ajax carts there is a quick add-to-cart button in the “you may also like” sidebar that will allow customers to add products to the cart without our required options selected.

Add the code below after the <head> tag in your theme.liquid file to hide this section.

How to edit code in your theme.liquid file

.mini-cart__recommendations-inner {
display: none !important;

How to add Variant Option Product Options to your homepage (featured-product.liquid)

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