How to duplicate product options to other products

Click on the Duplicate link in the navigation.

Choose a product whose settings you want to duplicate.
Select the products you want to copy the product option settings to.
Click the button.

If you are duplicating image or color swatches saved as Shopify Options, our app will first try to match the correlating image/ color swatch titles first and if that fails, it just goes in order. The variant titles need to be exact for this to work (space and case sensitive.
Any options previously saved to the products you are duplicating settings to will be deleted and replaced by the new settings.
You can also set up default option settings for all products. Read this article for more information.
If you are using Shopify Options, the values of these options won’t be duplicated with this tool. Only the product option type styling will be duplicated.  Read this article for more information.
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