How do I translate the english text displayed by the app?

When our app needs to display text, it will use the values from the bcpoStrings JavaScript object.

You can change the default values by adding this code to your theme.liquid file between the <head> and </head> tags and replacing the text between the single quotes:

var bcpoStrings = {
  choose_one: 'Choose one',
  quantity: 'Quantity',
  please_select: 'Please select',
  and: 'and',
  or: 'or',
  sold_out: 'sold out',
  unavailable: 'unavailable',
  add_to_cart: 'Add to Cart',
  multiselect_message: 'Please choose at least one value for',
  items: 'items',
  selection: 'Selection will add',
  selection2: 'to the price',
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