Global Colors Settings

Global Colors only work for Shopify Options

Global Colors Settings

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  • Open the app
  • Click on Settings in the navigation
  • Go to the Global Colors Settings (bottom of the page)

1) Enter the product option titles that you want to change to color swatches. Separate the product option titles by commas. For example “Colors, Size, Materials”.

2) Enter some color names and select the color values.

Click Save in the bottom right.

The product option titles and color names are case and space sensitive. Make sure the titles and names are the exact same as those for your products. This is the number 1 reason global options aren’t working.
Settings saved for individual products take precedent, you will need to delete them to get global auto images to take effect.

Default settings for buttons, dropdowns, and enhanced dropdowns can be set at the top of the settings page. Click the article below for more information.

Default Settings for Shopify Options

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