File Upload issues with Instagram and FB browsers

This issue has been fixed on recent updates of the intagram app. If your customer is still using an old version of the app they will still have this issue.

September 2022: There is a bug in version 253 of the Instagram app on iOS—file uploads from websites loaded inside the in-app browser resulting in Instagram reloading the page afterward. This affects all file uploads and isn’t specific to our app.

We have reported this to Instagram and have added a new option to enable an info message when your site is loaded inside Instagram on iOS, asking customers to click the option to open your site in the phone’s browser if they encounter difficulties.

To enable this, please follow the directions below.

  • Open Variant Option Product Options
  • Go to the Settings in our app’s navigation
  • Scroll down to the File Upload Warning setting
  • Make sure “On” is selected
  • Click “Save” in the bottom right of the page to save the settings

To translate the warning message follow the instructions in the article below.
How do I translate the text displayed by the app.
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