Add to cart action Setting

Since there are so many issues with Ajax Carts deleting our data, we have disabled these carts by default in our settings

Follow the directions below to change the Add to cart action settings.

  • Open Variant Option Product Options
  • Go to our Settings page
  • Go to Add to cart action
  • Select Cart page, Theme default, or Continue Shopping pop-up

Cart Page will redirect the customer to the cart after they add a product to the cart

Continue shopping pop-up will show a popup after the customer adds a product to the cart. We use your themes font and button styling so it will match your theme.

Theme default will use your themes default settings.

The theme default setting isn’t compatible with our price add-ons, multi-select options, grid option, required options, or file uploads. If you are using any of these options, this data will be deleted when the customer clicks add-to-cart.. If you select “Theme default” please test to make sure everything is working correctly. 
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