This is the sixth and penultimate post for The Amazing Web App Challenge, a personal challenge to build a tool that brings online creators traffic and sales so they can continue doing what they love.

TL;DR – Check back in a month or so to use our app for free. We’ll be beta testing with a limited number of creators before the final launch.

You’ll find a lot of resources online that offer quick changes you can make to your site to improve your site’s SEO to rank higher for keywords and bring traffic to your site. However, the truth is, SEO is a long-term strategy that requires careful planning and lots of patience to be successful.

Here are some statistics for our site below. Our profit is only marginally affected by traffic to our site, so we don’t focus on it as much as most people should. Even so, you can see a steady increase in traffic over time. We went from about 350 impressions/day to 1,500 impressions/day just by adding carefully written content every few weeks and partnering with other companies to get backlinks and improve our presence in the industry.

Many of these tasks take just a few minutes, but it’s hard to remember how they fit in with the greater strategy of your business.

Here’s a how we rank for important keywords vs. our competitors. Shopify isn’t a competitor. They’re in the list to show the relative strength. You can see we rank better than companies much bigger than ours.

To automate these tasks and keep them in perspective, we use a tool that tracks our content, keywords, and backlinks, painting a broader picture of our progress as the clicks roll in. Pretty soon, this tool will be available to you with a very valuable free plan to get started, and affordable plans suitable for any size business.

To read more about our app, see last month’s post here, or start from the beginning of The Amazing Web App Challenge.