Custom Product Builder is a unique tool that combines both the functionality for product customization ‘Build Your Own Product’ and product personalization ‘Design Your Own T-Shirt’ in one easy-to-use app with real-time product preview.

Our product configurator stacks transparent PNG layers on top of each other creating a complete product preview and allows changing components of a product offering a photorealistic preview of the product in real-time.

In addition to configuring the product details itself, the product builder also offers an ability to overlay printable areas on the product with uploadable logos/artwork/images and text.

Available Product Customizations:

  • Text Thumbnails: Product options listed as text thumbnails. (i.e: Sizes)

  • Color Thumbnails: Product options listed as HEX color thumbnails. (i.e: Colors)

  • Canvas Recoloring : Recolor product component layers uploaded in grayscale on the fly using HEX. (i.e: Colors)

  • Image Thumbnails: Product options listed as image thumbnails. (i.e: Collar Type, Diamond Cut)

  • Dropdown: Product options listed as a dropdown menu (i.e: Countries, Sizes)

  • Image Upload: Allow customers upload and preview an image in a pre-defined position. (i.e: Logos, Artwork)

  • Text Monogram Field: Allow customers to enter a short text w/ preview in a pre-defined position.

  • Long Text Monogram Field: Allow customers to enter a long text w/ preview in a pre-defined position.

  • Multiple Text Fields: Collect information from users without displaying it on the product. (i.e: Measurements)

  • Quantity: Quantity box.

  • Time & Date: Allow users to enter both date & time.

  • Date: Allow users to enter date only.

  • Time: Allow users to enter time only.

  • Clickable Preview Areas: Highlight customizable areas on the product preview.

  • Printable Areas: Add & position logos & text in a predefined area. (T-shirts, Mugs, Promotional Products)

Product Builder Features:

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Ability to add custom CSS to match the theme
  • Ability to add custom JS to create new features and look
  • Different product page layouts (Columns Tab, Columns List, Rows Tabs)
  • Currency selector
  • Interactive (clickable) product preview
  • Multiple product views (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom)
  • Product customization summary tab
  • Complex conditional logic to hide and display options based on selection
  • Language Translation Support
  • ‘Next Step’ Button
  • Social sharing
  • Private user wishlist
  • Public gallery of user generated custom product designs
  • Printable areas (for promotional products)
  • Unlimited price variants in Shopify
  • Multiple cart product previews
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