Why does the app load so slow?

How to speed up the app

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We updated our app in October of 2022 to speed up the app. If you installed our app before this date you can re-install our app to update our app’s code. Follow the instructions in the article below and click the enable button for the theme you are using to update our app’s code.

How do I install, disable or delete Variant Option Product Options?

Updated Code not working

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Sometimes our app’s code is commented out by other apps like SEO Apps.

If you see our app’s code between a  comment and endcomment tag, you will need to move our app below the endcomment tag to work properly.

If that doesn’t work you can move our app’s code further down the page. Just make sure our app’s code is before the </body> tag.

Hide theme’s original options.

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If you are using our options on all your products you hide your themes original options.

2.0 Themes

If you have a 2.0 theme you easily can hide your themes original product options in your default product template in the theme customizer. Click the eye icon to hide the variant picker (product options).

1.0 Themes

In the theme.liquid file add this code just right after the <head> tag. (this may not work on your theme)

.selector-wrapper.product-form__item {
display: none;
If you aren’t using our app on all your products then this code will hide your theme’s options and they won’t be able to see them or select them.
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