Issues with Price Addons and Discount Codes

On June 24th 2024 we updated Variant Option product Options so Shopify’s discount code box works with draft orders (what our app uses to collect price add-ons)

Because of Shopify’s limitations, there are still the issues below:

  • Auto discount codes based on quantity will count our app’s price add-ons as a product.
  • BOGO discount codes won’t apply to the price add-ons.
  • Product-specific discounts won’t apply to the price add-ons.

To fix the issues above you can use the app below which will add the discount code box on the cart.

Dr. Discount On Cart
Accept Coupon Codes on Cart, Stack Discounts
Includes automatic discounts for free with a subscription
5.0⭐ (182 reviews)
$4.99/month. 14-day free trial.

You can check out a working version of this app on our demo site.

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