How to change the size chart location (app blocks)

2.0 Themes

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If you have a 2.0 Theme that allows app blocks you can easily place the size chart link in your product template. Here are some instructions on how to do this.

  • Open BF Size Charts
  • Click on Settings in the navigation.
  • Click on the Create custom size chart location link

This will open Shopify’s Theme Customizer and take you to the Product Template.
Under Product Information click on + Add Block

If you don’t have a product information or add block section you will need to add code to your theme manually. Click here for instructions on how to add code manually

Scroll down to the Apps section and click on BF Size Chart.

This will place the size chart in your layout.
Hover over the app block. Click and hold the icon to move the size chart in the template.

Make sure to click Save in the upper right to save the location.

Manually place code in theme

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If you have an older theme that doesn’t support app blocks, manually place our app in your product template with code. Click the link below for more information on how to do this.

How to change the size chart location manually with code

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