How do I install BF Size Charts?

Our app’s code is added to your live theme automatically. If you change themes or want to add our app on an unpublished theme you will need to enable the app on the other themes.

One Click Enable/ Remove Code

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You can enable or remove our app’s code in the Installation section of our app:

  • Open BF Size Charts & Size Guides
  • Click on the Install link in the navigation

Here you can choose what theme you want to add our code to. Select the first theme to add the code to the theme that is currently published and click Enable or Remove Code.

  • Enable: this will add the app to the selected theme.
  • Remove Code: this will delete the app on the selected theme.

This won’t work for premium themes that you haven’t paid for yet (demo). Premium themes don’t allow you to edit the theme’s code until you purchase it.

Demo themes will come up as grey and unselectable.

Manually Install

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If the enable button in our app didn’t work you can add our code manually to your theme.liquid file

  • Go to the Shopify Dashboard
  • Under Sales Channels click on Online Store
  • Click on Themes
  • On the theme, you want to edit click on Actions > Edit Code
  • Open the theme.liquid file and paste in the following code after the <head> tag.
var sizeChartsRelentless = window.sizeChartsRelentless || {};

sizeChartsRelentless.product = {{product | json}};

{% if product.collections %}
sizeChartsRelentless.productCollections = {{product.collections | json}};
{% endif %}

{% if shop.metafields.sizechartsrelentless.size_charts %}
sizeChartsRelentless.metafield = {{shop.metafields.sizechartsrelentless.size_charts}};
{% endif %}

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