How do I add virtual option data to my packing slip?

To get our apps virtual options to show up correctly in the packing slip, you will need to edit the code for the packing slip template.

  • Go to your Shopify dashboard
  • Select Settings
  • Select Shipping and delivery
  • Go to Packing slips(near the bottom of the page)
  • Click Edit template

In the Packing Slip template search for the code below.

{ line_item.variant_title }

If the code looks different than the screenshot above you can revert the code back to default by clicking the “Revert to default” button.

You’ll need to add the code below, after line 132  between the code for {% endif %} and {% if line_item.sku != blank %}  (see screenshot for the exact placement):

{% for p in %}
{% unless p.last == blank %}

{{ p.first }}:
{% if p.last contains '/uploads/' %}
<div class="bcpo-cart-file"><img src="{{ p.last }}" style="max-width: 50px; height: auto;"></div>
{% else %}
{{ p.last }}
{% endif %}
<div class="item-description-line"></div>
{% endunless %}
{% endfor %}

The result will look like the screenshot below.

This code will add the virtual option selections to the second page of the packing slip. If you want to add the selections to the same page you will need to make the shipping required. Click the following link for instructions on how to make the shipping required for virtual options
Click the link below if you want to use Shopify’s Order Printer App.

Shopify Order Printer App Compatibility


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