What you get with our YouTube Video Gallery:

3 YouTube sources supported

Display any channel, share any YouTube video and choose it from any channel or playlist to construct an original video flow for your Shopify Store. Just embed the required URL and the video will appear on the website. Add channels, groups and separate videos in one plugin at the same time.

Group videos for a more structured playlist

Divide videos in groups to make a neat and easy-to navigate playlist. Create as many groups as you like. You are free to give each group its own title, so that anyone will get a quick access to the required spot. In a word, make order out of YouTube chaos.

Flexible header with maximum design options

By using the newest YouTube Shopify app you get 3 header layouts: Classic, Accent and Minimal. Decide yourself what information should be presented in the header. Furthermore, customize info as you wish by creating a custom channel name, description, banner, and logo. Of course, if you don’t need a header on the web page then just hide it.

Wide interface customization

Set the required number of columns, rows and gutter. Yottie Video app has also 3 navigation controls (arrows, drag and scroll) which you can use separately or together. In addition, you get free mode for smooth scrolling, horizontal/vertical scrolling, autorotation for automatic video sliding and slide/fade animation effect. You can disable or enable any of these options in one click.

And much more:

  • Retina ready plugin, which fits any device
  • Navigate through videos using 3 types of control
  • Use Free and Autorotation modes
  • Select 1 of 3 video preview layouts for the best look
  • Watch YouTube videos in a video gallery, popup or on YouTube
  • Switch on Autoplay mode in popup to enjoy video right after clicking on it
  • Paint Header, Content, Video, Groups and Popup with 50 UI Elements
  • Pick out one of the ready-to-use color schemes to make painting faster
  • Simple copy-paste installation of the YouTube video app in the Shopify Store
  • Fast and effective support – we will help with any issue. Just reach us via email
  • Works on any Shopify website
  • Regular live updates available
  • Handy editor (no coding required)
  • Premium support
  • Free installation service


Can I try the YouTube app and delete it without paying anything?

You can install our app and use it for free during trial period of 7 days. If you delete it within this period, you won’t be charged anything.

Can I get help with installation of the YouTube app?

Address us if you need help with embedding the app on your website, setting it up or adjusting it.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You will only need to remove the YouTube video app from your website and the subscription will be cancelled automatically.