Why Yahoo Product Ads?

Yahoo Product Ads is the official Shopify app from Oath, a Verizon company. The app is FREE to use. You only pay for ads if they bring shoppers back to your store, which allows you to maximize return on ad spend.

With 3 in 4 shoppers abandoning carts, we retarget your users on the Yahoo and AOL network of leading sites such as Yahoo Finance and Huffington Post. That’s 1 billion users worldwide. There’s no need to worry about your ads appearing next to questionable user-generated content like they might in social ad campaigns.

Setup is easy. We automatically upload your selected products, allowing you to create a shopping campaign in minutes. Experienced retailers can also visit the Oath Ads Platforms: Native interface to create advanced campaigns.

What are the top features?

  • Quality scale. Access 1 billion users across the Yahoo and AOL network.
  • No setup fees. Only pay for ads that work. (That’s the beauty of CPC, or cost per click, pricing.)
  • Premium ads. Create high quality ads using only your product feed.
  • Easy campaign management. Control daily budget and bid settings according to your goals.
  • Full control. Manage which products are promoted. Feeds are updated daily.
  • Real-time dashboard. Track results with a real-time dashboard.

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