Discount prices on the fly, based on the purchased amount. Set and forget!

No installation fees! No variant duplications!

With Quantity Breaks PRO, now you can easily offer tiered discounts. Meaning, more your customers buy, less they’re going to pay. Simply create a discount group, add the products you’d like to discount and set their prices (or % off).

Quantity Breaks PRO offers virtually unlimited discount groups so you can assign custom prices for each customer. Until now, you would need to have duplicate variants for each discount group. With Quantity Breaks PRO, you won’t need to have any duplicate variants allowing for easy integration with other sales channels and applications.

Our minimalist interface makes it super easy to get started. If you want to apply a discount to everyone, you can just create a global discount group and it will be automatically applied to every single logged customer. If you mark it as public as well, all the visitors will get the same tiered discount.