Web-Stat traffic analytics: real-time stats & beautiful reports

Discober how your customers reach your shop, how they navigate it and understand their behavior as they travel through your site.

Add Web-Stat in just one click and generate your first reports instantly!

Web-Stat comes in two versions: free and premium. The premium version gets you more stats and data.

Here is what you will get:

  • Details of your current and recent visitors (free version)
  • Your overall traffic volume over time (free version)
  • Repeat versus first time visitors (free version)
  • Referrers and search engines queries to your site (free version)
  • Page views and click-paths (premium version)
  • Time on site (premium version)
  • Bounce rates (premium version)
  • Visit depths (premium version)
  • Equipment used to view your site (free version)
  • Live traffic maps (free version)
  • and much more…

Web-Stat offers traffic stats that are complete, precise and easy to use. We have been in continuous operations since 1997 and currently serve over 130,000 web sites.

Try Web-Stat on your site: it is free, and one click-away!