View and Export Visitors to Your Site

One key missing feature in Google Analytics is the ability to see a report on individual visitors to your site. This app provides that feature.

NS8 Visitors displays a list of all visitors to your shop. Over 100 attributes are available to report on, including:

  • How many times the visitor has been to your shop
  • The channel and campaign
  • Geolocation
  • Device data
  • The organization (company/ISP/university)
  • The likelihood that the visitor is a bot
  • Demographics of the postal code of the visitor
  • Browser/platform data
    and more…

In addition, you can export this data into CSV format for Microsoft Excel and other applications. NS8 Visitors works by integrating a small script on your site, which will not cause any blocking or performance issues.

The Visitors app is presented by the makers of NS8 Protect™, the eCommerce-focused analytics and fraud protection solution specializing in campaign fraud detection, order fraud protection, and reputation monitoring.