Variant Image Automator helps you to show multiple images of the selected variant. Give a clean and professional look to your product page and improve customer experience & conversion.

Why Variant Image Automator?

  • Clean your product page by showing Images of the selected variant only. Show multiple images per variant
  • Group variant images by simply sorting them together. No need to map variant images manually.
  • Loads quickly. No theme code modification required.
  • Makes your product search and collection pages more arranged and easy to navigate.
  • Makes it easy for customers to compare different variations.
  • Prevents wrong orders because of the confusing product image gallery.
  • Improves SEO: Combine variants in one product to avoid duplicate content and SEO penalties.
  • Prevents loss of sales: If one color/size variant is out of stock, sell another color variant.

Build for scale. Trusted by Shopify Plus stores.

No matter, if you are starting your store or have a brand store with millions of visitors every day, the app is built to take care of all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to assign multiple images to a variant?

You just have to keep your product images sorted in the image gallery. There is no need to manually assign each image variants.

How many variant photos I can use?

You can use as many variant pictures as you wish. Each variant can have a different number of variant images. e.g. one color variant can have one variant image while another variation can have multiple variant images.

I have products with different types of options, will that be okay?

Yes, it doesn’t matter how many different types of product options you have, the app handles all of them automatically. e.g. one product can have only color variants while the other can have variants as a combination of style, color, and size.

How do I know if your app is compatible with my theme?

We have a long list of popular themes that we support out of the box. If the app is not working for your store, let us know and we’ll get the app working within 24 hours.

I use other apps for my product page, will the app work with them.

The app works with most of the apps for product options, color swatches, product video, image zoom, product image gallery etc.

Is the app GDPR compliant?

Yes, we don’t save personal data of your users and 100% compliant with GDPR.

Pricing doesn’t work for you?

We try to keep app’s pricing affordable for everyone. If your store is young or you have a strong reason why this pricing doesn’t work for you, please write to us.

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