Sell More Products. Reach New Audiences. Drastically Improve Your Return on Ad Spend.

Vantage puts your Shopify data to work and builds custom prospecting and retargeting audiences based on customer interests, behavior, and purchase history to deliver personalized, automated shopping experiences at every stage of the customer journey. From attracting the right shoppers to your store to recovering abandoned carts and re-engaging previous customers.

Automate Your Customer Journey in a Few Easy Steps

With key data and insight from your store, Vantage builds a personalized customer journey to help Shopify merchants understand shopping behaviors, A/B test, and personalize content through highly targeted and automated Facebook, Instagram and Google ads that keep customers coming back time after time.

Attract New Visitors to Your Store

Vantage attracts new customers to your store by targeting people similar to those who have visited your site or have made a purchase in the past. To further ensure that your ads are seen by your ideal customers, you can also target your ads based on demographics, interests, and even online behavior. Vantage prospecting finds and brings in new customers for you to surprise and delight.

Retarget People Who Have Abandoned Their Cart

Take interested browsers and transform them into customers with Vantage retargeting ads. These ads target people who have visited your website, viewed your products, or even added items to their cart but left without checking out. It’s important to use retargeting ads as a friendly nudge to remind website visitors how awesome your store is and turn window shoppers into real ones. Whether your issue is abandoned carts or connecting with previous website visitors, our comprehensive audiences have you covered.

Bring Back Past Customers to Buy More

You stand a much higher chance of re-engaging a previous customer than working to convert a brand new one. With this in mind, it’s critical to launch re-engagement ads. Vantage builds custom re-engagement audiences using your repeat customer data to help you pinpoint when your customers are ready to buy again. By using Vantage to run re-engagement campaigns you can personalize the ads to make your customers feel special.

Save Time and Money with Automatic Ad Optimization

No more bad ads! The Vantage platform auto-optimizes out the bad ads and re-allocates the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels for the highest possible return. We optimize your ads every hour to ensure you don’t waste money on ads that are not translating into sales for your store. It has never been easier to find out what works and what doesn’t. Launch A/B tests in just a few clicks to uncover which ads sold the most items and acquired the most customers.

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