Data-Driven Intelligence for Retailers

Vantage Analytics is the leader in helping retailers turn data into insight and action.
From data to insight, Vantage Analytics will help you monitor the operation of your ecommerce store in real-time. With the simple click of a button all of your Shopify store’s data is delivered to you on your free dashboard. All of your data will be in one place, up to date, and easily accessible.
* Knowledge is Power – Using Vantage Analytics Will Help You Answer:
* Daily/weekly/monthly/annual revenue forecast
* Amount of lost revenue due to abandoned carts
* Percentage of revenue that comes from repeat customers
* Average time between purchases
* Average order value within the last 30 days
* And more!

We continually strive to provide valuable data and insights to help you take a data-driven approach to your business decisions. Carry the key data and insights over to your marketing efforts to make your site, ads, emails, blogs, etc. more personalized and impactful.

Join the retailers using Vantage Analytics to grow their store’s revenue using data-driven insights – install free today!