Trackify is an all-in-one facebook pixel app that helps Shopify store owners painlessly integrate multiple facebook pixels, measure customized pixel events, and optimize them for more conversions.

Easy Pixel Integration & Backup

Integrate your pixel with your Shopify store in a few clicks! No coding or technical mumbo jumbo involved. Once done, you can assign a pixel from another ad account as “backup” to your primary pixel. Your backup pixel will mimics all the events on primary pixel and keeps your data safe!

Powerful Custom & Look-a-Like Audience Builder

With Trackify’s powerful audience builder, you can build create multiple highly targeted custom & look-a-like audiences from within Trackify at once!

Create & Sync Facebook & Google Product Catalog

Create Facebook Product Catalog and automatically sync it with event data and Facebook retargeting ads (DPA)

Trackify Ninja Mode

Capture all pixel fires with Trackify Ninja Mode and optimize your pixel for more conversions with Advanced Matching feature

Target Specific Product or Niches With Tag Manager

Run targeted ad campaigns by using Tag Manager to assign products of your choice with niche specific tags

Analyze Your Data With Trackify Reporting

Get granular reporting on your pixel and your tags from within Trackify. Now you can set a dynamic percentage for Purchase value reporting in Facebook with a simple click!

Run Facebook Campaigns Like a Pro!

Run better Facebook ad campaigns with our training videos, articles and an invitation to our exclusive Trackify Facebook Group

Get a Bigger Bang For Your Bucks!

With Trackify, you will be able to:

  • Track your store’s traffic, conversions, sales and revenue directly in your Facebook Ads Reports
  • Target your audiences by niche or by different stages of the buying process (funnel events)
  • Run customized remarketing ads (DPAs) with your own selection of products or product types.

What else can Trackify do?

This is just the tip of the iceberg! With Trackify, you can simply and conveniently manage as many niche specific Facebook Pixels as you want. You can optimize your pixel for ViewContent, Add-to-Cart, and Checkout events on a specific product if you are targeting a single niche, or use a store-wide pixel for event optimization!

With Trackify, YOU are in control of your pixel. You decide where a particular pixel will fire and for which event by adding niche-specific tracking codes to your products and then linking those tags with a pixel in Trackify.

7-Day Risk Free Trial

Are you ready to generate more sales from Facebook?

If yes, then sign up for our 7 Day Free Trial & see how Trackify can tremendously increase your ROI!