What is Total Email Popup

Total Email Popup is an app that helps you create amazingly beautiful and effective Popup for Shopify. You can notify your users of a new product, give an offer to boost sale or ask for email and up sell later. There are a lot of things you can do with popup for your Shopify store.

Why should I use Total Email Popup???

Once a visitor leave your site, it’s hard to win them back. What if you give them some more incentives to stay? What if you give them a discount code right the moment they are about to exit? Let Total email popup help you stop your visitor bucket from leaking by displaying beautiful popups to the right person at the right time.

  1. Your store has some traffic but you want to get more sale.

–> How about showing a pop up right before visitors intent to leave with a 10% coupon to make them tick?

  1. You want to send out promotions and new arrivals to your visitors.

–> Then using pop-ups with offers to capture email and start growing your email list is absolutely what you should do.

  1. You want to use many popup templates with different discounts, messages to your shoppers for many different products.

–> Total Popup’s Ultra Targeting feature can help you send the right popup with the right message to the right people and easily capture their attention.

Best Features of Total Email Popup for Shopify

1. Beautiful, high-convert popup designs

We have a library of popup templates that are proven to convert. Just choose which one you like the most and you will start building your email list right away.
– Beautiful popups on ALL DEVICES.

  • Multiple attractive popup templates

  • 2-3% more conversions than the normal popups.

2. Personalized Popups: Target the right person with the right message.

Chances are, if you give a 10% off on all shoes for a visitor checking a pair of sneakers, it will convert more than just giving a general all product discount. If your popup is related to what your visitors are watching, it would boost conversion rates better. That’s the power of personalized targeting. With Total email popup app, you can target just about anyone, anywhere with any behavior.

  • Advanced Page/Product level targeting
  • Advanced Geo-Location targeting
  • Advanced Behavior targeting: Time on site, Returning/New, etc.

3. Convert abandoning visitors with Exit Intent Offers

We detect user’s behavior to display popup offers right when they are intending to leave the site. This offer can help retain the customer and eventually turn them into sale.

  • Track exiting visitors
  • Display popups
  • Win customers!

4. Fully Customizable & easily manage

Once you installed the popup, it is yours and you can customize it in anyway you want. Change the color, add another image, change wordings, etc.