Progressive Discount – A Tiered Discount app by V Group

This app helps you to offer tiered discounts on the range of quantities of the products that encourage your customers to shop items in bulk. It eventually helps you in generating more revenue by offering discounts on buying more quantities of the products.

App gives you the flexibility to set up tiers one by one through easy to use GUI interface as well as in bulk through CSV upload.

You can set up tiers and offer discounts to customers as shown below:

  • Buy 5 or above of product X, get 10% off
  • Buy 10 or above of product X, get 15% off
  • Buy 20 or above of product X, get 20% off, and so on…


Also, you can set the offer discount on a fixed quantity of the items. For example:

  • Buy 2 of product X at $20
  • Buy 4 of product X at $18, and so on…

Show the customer how much they are saving!

The app not only helps to create the tiered discounts but it also helps to display the offers, shows the discounted price and how much a customer has saved on adding items in bulk to cart.

  • Quantity Break Tiers Layout:

Choose from the given discount layouts & display on the product detail page and customize the layout as per your store theme.

  • Discount Notification Message on Cart page:

The app notifies their customers about how much they saved on buying items in bulk. Additionally, it also displays original subtotal with a strike off along with the discounted Subtotal.

Feature Highlights:

  • Setup tiers on collection, product, and variants
  • Save time by using the bulk upload
  • Dynamic customer specific and one-time discount code on the Checkout Page
  • Customizable tier display
  • Show the customer how much they’re saving!
  • Supports all 10 free Shopify themes:

(Narrative, Debut, Jumpstart, Venture, Boundless, Simple, Brooklyn, Pop, Supply, and Minimal)


  • Offer discount! Boost sales!
  • Encourages buyers to buy more
  • No variant duplicates
  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Free installation and customization support
  • Faster and excellent support

Contact us for the Support

We recommend contacting us immediately after installing the Progressive Discount app to set up the app with your store theme. We provide free installation support for all the Supported and Unsupported themes.

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