Customers are always looking to buy gifts for their loved ones for various occasions through out the year – birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day and more!

Take advantage of the ‘gifting’ scenarios to boost sales! With the Gifts Finders bundling app , merchants can create gift bundles and list their gift bundles on their site as well as ‘The Gifts Finders’ website, to be found by online shoppers for various occasions throughout the year.. We advertise The Gifts Finders website on Facebook and YouTube to pull users to our website, where they can browse and discover your gift cards and gift bundles for various occasions. Its free marketing for merchants!

How does it work?

This app offers merchants three things:

  1. Create Gift bundles for various occasions from existing products : Customers love Gift bundles and gift baskets for various occasions. With this app you can also create gift bundles based on occasions to boost sales. We will show the bundles on your product pages. You just need to select an occasion, tell us which of your existing products you would like to bundle together and we will take care of the rest. The bundles will be shown on each product page.

  2. We will also create a page on your store which will list all your gift bundles. This way yours customers can see all your gift bundles in one place. You can link this page from any navigation menu on your store.

  3. List the Gift bundles for various occasions on the The Gifts Finder website : Once you list your gift cards, they will be displayed to customers who visit the Gifts Finders website. We actively market the Gifts Finders website to potential customers looking to buy gifts. Once a customer lands on The Gifts Finders website, they can view your Gift bundles and purchase it from your store!

NOTE: This app is currently in English only.