Instagram ambassadors & Instagram stories – new and unique trustworthy recommendation engine for social media commerce

Swave instantly turns online customers to brand ambassadors using its proprietary automation engine resulting in increased sales for online merchants. Customers get valuable savings while generating sales for your brand creating a new and unique trustworthy recommendation engine for your brand.

Display tagged content from Instagram as the Instagram stories photo gallery

Leverage your Instagram tagged content into an authentic & trendy social proof experience in the form of Stories. The amazing Stories include videos, stickers, GIFS and more cool features that drive users to engage with your products.

Conversion Conversion Conversion – Photo gallery & social proof that increases loyalty and conversion rate

In-store Instagram stories create a dynamic and authentic experience that builds trust and loyalty with your customers. Infused with the right customer incentive at the right time, you can expect to see an increase in your store conversion rate by an average of 10%.

Engage potential ambassadors in a smarter multi-touchpoint strategy

“You have to check it out” – The short sentence every business owner dreams their customers will tell their peers. Convert customers into your brand ambassadors, by providing them the right discount at the right time in the right place, and see your Instagram account reach organically grow as you’ve never seen before!

Get better ROI with customers than influencers on Instagram

Get up to 5x better ROI using everyday customers as brand ambassadors and not only big shot influencers. Thousands of brand ambassadors in the palm of your hand not only extend your Instagram reach drastically but also generate immediate sales and lift your conversion rate.

Learn more about your customers, ambassadors, and content

A powerful dashboard that enables you to make data-driven decisions with no hassle. Stuff like: “Which ambassador performs better on Instagram”, “Which customer should I incentives further” and “Which content drives more sales and engagement” are only a small portion of the information you can get in order to drive your conversion rate up.

Drive sales with shoppable Story photo & video Gallery – Social proof just like on Instagram

Take control of your content and bring customers a new shopping experience – Shopping through Stories. Swave brings photos and videos to life, directly linking your stories to the right products in your store, providing another direct sale funnel to your amazing products.

Seamless Integration & Full Automation

Ease your mind & leverage our AI-based automation system to save time. From on-boarding to success, Swave automation is able to do everything for you.

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