What is it?

Swagify allows you to upsell, cross-sell, and promote, by creating as many completely customizable offers as you want. Your customers are the most important part of your business… You might say they are your business! So, why not ensure your customers feel valued, and rewarded for choosing you over the other guy? Your store can be generating more revenue and increasing margins today!

What Will Customers See?

When a customer qualifies for a promotion, a pop up will appear offering them the free/discounted/suggested products that you’ve chosen. They can then add the product(s) directly to their cart, and a discount code will be applied at checkout. To keep track of their savings, a little slide out drawer will appear in the lower right corner of the store showing them their total after the discount codes are applied at checkout.


  • NO duplicate products!
  • NO coding install for the app to work!
  • Customer service that’s here to help you at every step.

4 Promo Types To Choose From:

  1. Item Based Promotions: An infinite combination of product discounts triggered by specific items being added to the customer’s cart.
  2. Cart Total Based Offers: Reward customers when they spend a certain amount with a discounted item.
  3. Classic Buy One Get One: A perfect way to pair items for discounts with a Buy X, Get X
  4. Cart Page Promotions: Encourage cart growth without ever leaving the cart.


Seeing is believing, and nowhere is that more true than with sales. Every time your customers participate in a promotion, you’re not just increasing engagement, and earnings: you’re learning about them. Swagify generates reports for each promotion, so you can learn more about your customers’ shopping habits, and make informed decisions about future offers.

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