SumAll brings AI and automation to small business.

SumAll levels the playing field. With our free app, AI is no longer just for giant brands with unmatchable spend. We allow anyone to take advantage and reap the rewards of this technology.

Do you need SumAll?

  1. Do you struggle to understand how traffic to your store turns into sales?
  2. Do you find yourself running out of time to post consistently to all of your social media accounts?
  3. Do you worry that you’re spending too much or not enough on ads?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then SumAll is a perfect tool for you. Our automations take care of posting for you, and our AI helps you spot trends in your spend, revenue, and social efforts.

What do you get when you create your free account?

  • Automations for Social Media: Product Post, Thank You Tweet, Performance Post & Performance Tweet all work together to drive engagement with your potential customers and ease the burden of creating and publishing content consistently.
  • Calendar View: The Calendar View on the home page makes it easy to understand your store’s activity across social media and beyond. You can also quickly add, edit, and remove posts right from the page.
  • Benchmark View: Our benchmarks enables you to understand your store’s overall health with just a quick snapshot. You can also see where your store’s social presence, weekly orders, and sales compare with other stores.
  • Email Digest: We’ve given traditional analytics a facelift. Elegant charts, graphs, and aggregate data let you quickly compare and analyze your e-commerce, social media, and paid advertising efforts.

How SumAll works.

When you create your SumAll account from the Shopify App Marketplace, your Shopify store will be automatically connected. What you do next is up to you. You can add more stores, social media accounts, e-commerce accounts, or ad accounts or start creating automations. With a variety of features and integrated platforms, the choices are endless.

If you’re a little stuck and not sure where to start, we recommend setting up your Product Post first. Our Product Post is a daily post that randomly selects a product from your store and posts its photos and URL to your Facebook Page.

Thank you!

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy and love your new automations and AI tools!

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