Key features:

  • Storakle tracks all your visitors and customers and creates a timeline of each individual customer purchase behavior and on-store activity.
  • Choose from 28+ segments and combine them to achieve powerful customer segmentation.
  • Send one-off and automated email campaigns based on your customer segments and at any point of the customer journey.
  • Track the results and conversions of all your email campaigns directly in Storakle.

Why choose Storakle?

Some call e-commerce a land of opportunities. And it really is, if only you look at what’s beneath the surface. That’s exactly what Storakle does for you – it gives you an incredible insight into your visitor and customer data. With Storakle you will always know who your customers are, when and where they go on you store. From there, the opportunities are truly endless!

How does it work?

  1. Connect your Shopify store to Storakle in a few simple steps. Visitors and customers tracking will start automatically and you will get a detailed timeline of every customer journey on your store.

  2. Use an extensive set of segment rules along with a custom date range to create powerful customer segments and meet the goals of your business.

  3. Create personalized emails at the drop of a hat with Storakle integrated drag-and-drop email builder. Your emails will look gorgeous on any screen resolution and any email client. Storakle email editor has the best device and email client support in the industry.

  4. Send customized one-off email campaigns based on your customer segments. For example, re-engage with your idle customers who haven’t bought anything from you in the past 6 months or create a loyalty email campaign targeted at your biggest spenders.

  5. Create automated email campaigns that can be triggered by a specific segment or by your individual customer’s journey and put your email marketing efforts on autopilot.

  6. View a detailed report after each campaign and see how much revenue it has generated. Remember that practice makes perfect – monitor and measure the performance of all your campaigns and fine-tune your strategies.

Long story short

Storakle helps you get to know your customers and connect with them in a more heartfelt way. Personalize your communication at each step of the customer journey and see your happy customer come back to you again and again!

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