Exit popups is one of the most engaging ways to curtail the exit-intend of the visitors. Yet, the popup boxes are annoying for the site visitors at the same time. Here is an an interactive and addictive popup to enhance customer retention. Shopify spin and win module is one such plugin that can curb the exit rate and enhance sales of your store. The Shopify exit popup is a very strong CTA aimed at enhancing customer engagement.


  • The gamified interface is a fun way to keep your customers engaged on your store for longer duration. Besides, the admin gets full access to control the functionalities of the plugin. Some of these options are discussed below:

  • Easy front end customization: The store admin can change the look and feel of the spin wheel. The customization involves no back end coding. The entire changes and modification can is with some button clicks from the web admin panel.

  • Provides an option to say ‘No’: The plugin allows the visitors to remove the spin wheel from the screen if needed. At the same time, there is even an option to bring the wheel back to the screen if the visitors changes his mind.

  • Email duplicity check: A visitor can spin the wheel only once with a single email id. This prevents duplicity of the id and increases the customer base of the store.

  • Frequency of the display: The frequency of wheel display is set from the back end. The admin can even decide the pages where he wants to display the exit pop up.

  • Offer Setting: Customise the slices of the wheel from the back-end. The store owner gets complete access to control the offers and discounts. You can give alluring discounts or free shipping offers.

  • Enhanced customer base: Compel the visitors to enter their email ids in a playful way. The subscription pop up is an ideal way to boost the bandwidth of your customer base.

  • Email Integrator: The responsive exit pop up can increase the subscribers of your store. It even facilitates email marketing. The Shopify plugin integrates the email list with MailChimp, Klaviyo and others.

  • Enticing Email Templates: The module takes your burden completely off your shoulder. The admin gets a list of attractive email themes to choose from. They can personalize the themes as per the need.

  • Statistical report: The admin can track the number coupons generated by the module. They can even track the number of coupons used while placing the order. The web admin panel provides the entire report in graphical as well as tabular form.