Snap Track is the one and only Snapchat Pixel app on the market. We empower Shopify store owners to measure the effectiveness of their Snapchat Ad campaigns by offering a simple, all in one Snapchat Pixel integration.

Easy Setup

Integrate your Snap Pixel with your Shopify store in just a few simple clicks. No code or technical expertise necessary!

Lightning Fast Event Fires

Our lightweight app uses an extremely minimal amount of code and event fires happen as soon as possible, when the page is loading, to provide you with precise reporting. The faster the event fire, the more data collected. The more data collected, the more leverage you have on the Snapchat Ads platform!

Comprehensive Data Layer

Not only does Snap Track fire all Snapchat Pixel events such as PAGE_VIEW, VIEW_CONTENT, ADD_CART, SEARCH, SIGN_UP, and PURCHASE, but we also pass back your customers’ email addresses and phone numbers when available. Don’t worry, all customer data is automatically sent safely using SHA256 encryption technology.

This customer info feeds your Snapchat Pixel with more data for each event fire, allowing Snapchat to match more Snapchat users!

On top of all that, Snap Track also provides Snapchat with many detailed event parameters. These event parameters include price, currency, transaction_id, item_ids, item_category, and search_string. These parameters make your Snap Pixel smarter and help you make better decisions when managing your ads.

Receive More Of A Bang For Your Buck

With Snap Track you will be able to:

  • Track your store’s visitors, sales, and revenue painlessly directly inside your Snap Ad Manager reports.
  • Optimize your Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads efficiently by analyzing the detailed Snapchat Pixel event data being sent from Shopify to Snapchat.
  • Scale campaigns with ease by providing Snapchat with relevant data to help their system with optimization efforts.
  • Retarget your past Shopify store visitors and customers by creating powerful custom audiences based off the various Snap Pixel event fires.
  • Use historical Snapchat Pixel event data to create intelligent lookalike audiences that leverage all the data points Snapchat has collected from its users.

Are Other Updates Are Coming Soon?

With the Snapchat Ads platform still being fairly new, their API has not opened up too much yet. As updates are made to their platform our app will be updated to provide you with the all newest features so that you can run more effective campaigns than your competitors.

3-Day Risk-Free Trial

Are you ready to generate more sales with Snapchat Ads and supercharge your Snapchat Pixel?
If so, sign up for our 3-day free trial to see what Snap Track can do for you and your stores ROI!

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