Upgrade your website with SMS Notify by eGrove:

SMS Notify by eGrove app integrated with Twilio SMS gateway API.

Enhance your ecommerce website with SMS Notify by eGrove app and send real-time notification to customers. Using SMS Notify by eGrove app will give your website the power to exchange messages of any variety. You get global reach, delivery intelligence and the highest reliability over both IP and carrier networks, all with minimal development effort. Twilio SMS plan starts from 1 USD/month.


  1. Send instant order notifications to your world-wide customers.
  2. Trigger SMS event for order confirmation, order cancel, order fulfillment.
  3. Easily configure your Twilio merchant account on the app backend.
  4. Ability to send customized SMS on store events.
  5. Option to include the below variables on Order events:
  6. You can add your brand name on “Sender ID”, this is the name or number which flashes on the recipient’s mobile phone when they receive an SMS from your store.
  7. You can select the customer group and send the latest offers, coupons, marketing SMS using custom message option.
  8. Store SMS log will be emailed to the website admin email id every week.

Selling point:

  1. Draw the attention of International customers to your store with customized SMS content notification.

  2. Send instant SMS notifications on Order confirmation, Order fulfillment etc.. and keep customers active with your ecommerce store

Pre-Requirements to use APP:

  1. You should have a Twilio account and valid twilio phone number, auth id and sec key
  2. You must have a Shopify store

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