Product video is an effective way to increase sales and stay on top of your competition

Won’t you agree that the right product images increase conversion rates? A product video has a more dramatic effect. It presents the product better than text and images, and can engage even lazy buyers.

Shopideo is an app that helps you find the right videos for you products and add them to your product pages. It even checks the health of your videos periodically for problems and allows you to set whatever thumb fits better to your site.

Broken videos, like broken links, are bad for your store: They give the impression of abandonment and nobody buys from an abandoned store. Shopideo checks periodically the health of your product videos. If any video clip goes offline or have any other problem, it disables it and informs you with an e-mail.

Creating product pages is a difficult job and you need all the assistance you can get. Shopideo helps you keep focused: It’s fully integrated with Shopify’s admin and includes a powerful video search engine so you won’t have to leave the app to look for the right video.

Shopideo currently supports YouTube videos. More video providers are on the way.

Key Features

  • Add any video from YouTube to a product page. (Additional video providers coming soon).
  • Videos can be embedded at any location of your product page.
  • Replace the video thumb with one of your choice.
  • Configure settings like “show video controls”, auto-play and auto-restart.
  • Shopideo has been designed having the speed of your e-shop in mind. It won’t slow down your product pages when your visitors browse your products.
  • Integrated video search allows you to search for and preview videos within the app.
  • You may assign, enable or disable a video assigned to a product.
  • Integrated product search: Find which of your products have (or don’t have) videos; search your products using keywords from title, tags, vendor, etc.
  • Periodic checking of video health. Problematic video clips are disabled and you get notified via email.