Sherlock prowls the web for social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of your customers. It’s like Rapportive for Shopify.

The first thing you’ll notice once Sherlock has done its ‘digging’ is how magical it feels to see profile pictures and social networks all automatically discovered, for each of your customers.

Sherlock will also automatically scan your new customers in the background, so you’ll be notified as soon as you get a new customer who interests you. Customize several notification criteria like follower count, total spent, and match certainty.

Once enough customers have been investigated, Sherlock becomes a powerful tool for your business. Sort your list of customers by ‘Follower Count’ to see which of your customers have the most influence online. Reaching out to these customers and offering special deals is a great way to incentivize them to post about you to all their fans. Known as ‘Influencer Marketing’, this approach has been shown to be highly effective.

With Sherlock, you can also click through to any social profile of your customers, see what they like on Facebook, follow or tweet about on Twitter, or take photos of on Instagram. Using this information to better target your customers in ads online is a great way to increase sales.


While Sherlock will do its best to find social profiles for all of your customers, some people simply don’t have social profiles, or rarely use them so they are hard to find. Sherlock will tell you how sure it is about each match found.

Additionally, Facebook and Twitter have recently changed their rules for what apps can and can’t do (to improve privacy and security for their users). As a result, apps like Sherlock require you to connect your social profiles, so we can search on your behalf.

Otherwise, we hope you love the app, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!