Resize your product photos, speed up your site, and rank higher in Google. This SEO app has the most advanced tools to boost any shop!

This app helps with:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Faster page loading
  • Modifying your product photos (square photos)

Free to Use

Update your alt texts, product meta titles, json-ld, and more for FREE! No membership required for most features!

Optimize Product Photos

Dozens of features to resize, square, compress, and watermark your product photos. An all-in-one solution to help you align and minify your photos.

Generate Intelligent Keywords

Create search-friendly filenames for maximum SEO results using our keywords builder and Google A.I integration. Google will scan your photos and renames them according to the most popular related keywords used in Google Search.

Automatic Optimizer

The auto-optimizer runs in the background to keep all your new photos optimized automatically.

Optimize Alt Texts

Bulk edit your product image alt texts! Choose your keyword pattern and automatically tag all your photos with SEO friendly words in a single click!

Update meta titles

Bulk update your meta titles – the blue links that show up in search results. Customize your pattern with one-click bulk update.

Update JSON-LD Microdata

Add micro-data to all your product pages to improve your SEO and google search listings. It’s 100% free to use!

Compress Shop Photos

Compress all your site images, collections, assets, and blog articles in a single click!

Disable Right-Click to Prevent Photo Copy

Disable the right mouse click menu from showing so that your shop visitors cannot download or save your product photos.

Export Product Photos

Members can export their original or optimized photos. Save time editing your photos for your Facebook, Google, Instagram, Etsy, or Ebay seller accounts.

Best Compression Engine

Our compression technology has been refined over time to produce the best results – high quality with low file size. It’s actually better than TinyJPG!

Compress Single Photos

Use our photo compression tool to optimize your theme photos.

Restore backups anytime

This app backs up all your original photos so you can make changes or restore anytime.

Membership not required

Choose an unlimited membership plan, pay for a one-time shop optimization task, or you can just use the free features!

How do our Competitors Stack up?

  • Resize by PixC & Crush Pics – Seo Images is 2x cheaper
  • Seo Expert & Seo Manager – Save time by using SEO Images to update all your pages in bulk.
  • Seo Image Optimizer & Seo Foxdrive – Our alt text builder is 100% free and includes more variables!
  • JSON-LD – Update product page json ld for FREE!

We’re always adding new features, so stick with us and we’ll make sure you have the best possible tools for your shop