What makes Sendtinel unique?

Sendtinel is fast, very fast, easy to use and well designed, it feels as natural part of Shopify administration environment, it gives you the tools to catch subscribers, handle alerts, send auto and custom email notifications, plus it comes with a fully functional FREE PLAN, no trial, no limited time. We love Sendtinel because of features:

Rebates and back to stock alerts per product/variant, with auto email notifications to clients.

Visitors can set a rebate or back to stock alert on specific product/variant, and get they will get an instant email notification with product info and link to the product page as soon as you set a lower price or back to stock that product/variant.

Client’s alerts visualization and control.

You are going to be able to see who and how many potential buyers have created alerts in which product/variant and decide when to take action whether to rebate or back to stock that product/variant.

Real-time side by side custom email campaigns builder for custom email notifications.

Our side-by-side real-time email campaign builder, allows you to create an amazing email by simply filling a form and deliver it to all your subscribers in a blink.

Your store logo and social media links on all emails.

Upload your logo and set your social media links, both will be included in all your email notifications.

Modern and fully editable subscription, rebate and back to stock widgets at your storefront.

Edit banner, colors, position and visibility on general subscriptions, rebate and back to stock alerts widget, we included 9 free to use banners with great designs, you can always upload yours, let your visitors experience countless style’s possibilities.

Start FREE today no trials, no limited time.

Install Sendtinel and get our FREE PLAN, no trial periods, no limited time and fully functional, upgrade later at any time, no strings attached.

As an important note if your store was created after 2016 and using a custom theme, please check our alerts widgets to work properly, if you detect a problem with the alerts widgets please Contact us, to add a custom script to your theme and solve the problem.

For merchants with storefront password enabled, our widgets will load. Remember Sendtinel is to use on ONLINE STORES.