Introducing The Patented Send2mobilePlus for your Shopify Webstore. Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel your Subscription at any time. No Commitments !
Mobile Commerce is on the rise accounting for nearly 1/3 of all commerce transactions in the United States. That’s why our team created Send2mobilePlus. We help Shopify E-commerce businesses grow their sales via Mobile Text Conversational Commerce. Send2mobilePlus integrates Socially via Fb,Instagram and other Social sites. With over 38 robust features listed below for your review. Start communicating with your customers via text!

Send2MobilePlus has 6 core features and over 38 custom features:

  1. Send2mobile Via Mobile Text Messages:
  • Customers can Send2mobile products with links to check out right to their Mobile device. to purchase at a later date, Share via our share link to their Social Media pages. Fb, Instagram, Linkedin and or memorialize your products to their mobile phone.

  • Send2mobile from a Mobile device is Seamless. Simply click the Send2mobile button on a product page via your mobile phone. Sendmobile then recognizes the inherent IOS or Android text messaging app and segways into that app pulling in the product via sms/mms message. Streamline the process for your mobile customers.

  • Send2mobile page abandonment. Set a S2m page abandonment pop up

-Send2mobile Timer. Allow the S2m button to populate on a product page automatically 1 min 2 min 3 min settings.

-Ties directly into your Shopify Stores inventory.
-Sms and Mms picture messaging of the product.
-Bulk add or Add on a per product basis

  1. Make an Offer Via Mobile Text Messages Features :
  • Accept, Reject , Or Counter offers via your Mission Controls Dashboard. Simple and easy to manage your customers requests.
  • Add Make an Offer in bulk to products via our mission controls or add on a per product basis.
  • Set a time limit for Make an Offer on a per product basis.
  • Ties directly into your Shopify Stores inventory.
    -Bulk add or Add on a per product basis
  1. Let Me Know Via Mobile Text Message Features :
  2. Let me know back in stock. Alerts customers of an item being back in stock via mobile text message.
    -Let me know price down. Alerts customers via mobile text of a price decrease.
  3. Sms and Mms picture messaging of the product.
    -Bulk add or Add on a per product basis the Let Me Know feature.

  4. Abandoned Cart via SMS:

  5. Send Abandon cart messages to your customers Mobile messaging device with a link to buy.

  6. Sms and Mms picture messaging of the product.

  7. Control Frequency via settings tab in mission controls

  8. Mission controls:
    -Bulk add, Subtract products
    -Usage Reports
    -Analytics to track your campaign
    -Sms/Mms customization
    -Let me know Make an Offer customizations Tab.
    -Settings and auto subscription
    -Cancel, upgrade, downgrade anytime