How does Sellable help in increasing your Instagram SALES ?

If you ever wanted your Instagram followers to be able to shop directly via your feed, then your wait is over. Sellable helps you setup your Instagram shop in few simple steps. By setting up your Instagram shop along with your actual store, you can increase your SALES exponentially. You no more have to follow up with your customers asking them their details or providing them instructions through Instagram comments.

In essence Sellable makes it super easy for your followers and prospects/leads to buy your products they see in your Instagram feed and it only takes couple of mins and few steps to get started.

Beautiful Themes for your Instagram Shop

Customise your Instagram shop by selecting different themes and configuring the interface as you like! If you still want more customization just contact us and we will do it for you

Auto-linking of your Products

All other similar apps ask you to manually link your products to every post. Sellable goes a step further where the product mapping happens auto-magically if you use Outfy to post your products on Instagram. Outfy is tightly coupled with Sellable and the linkings are always updated whenever a posting happens. Outfy is the most comprehensive app to manage your social media.

Hassle free launch of your Instagram Shop

Add your live Instagram feed in your store in one click shot or use our “shoppable code” to manually set it on any of your target page.

Mobile Friendly

Your Instagram shop is absolutely mobile friendly and ready to be browsed by your followers/customers. All themes are beautifully crafted giving a stunning view to your Instagram shop.

Additionally use this app from your smart phone or tablet. Tag products while on the go. The layout is full responsive to your screen size.

Free Trial

Free trial of 30 days. No credit card required and No auto-recharge

“Our business is to HELP your business GROW BIG!!!”